Where to look
August 26, 2015 13:43:17 | 0 comments

Yesterday, the US market opened high but could not hold the gains and ended up in negative territory. If you were staring at your screen and seeing all those green arrows turning red as the hours were passing, you have probably ended up worrying and wondering what is next.  In the meantime , Germany GDP came at  +1.6%, consumer confidence jump to 101.5 from 90.9, new home sales jumped 21% since last year and home builder confidence is at its high. It is all about where you are looking and I say, for those who are in the US and invested in the stock market, don’t look at your screen. Maybe you are in Brazil or China: is this case, honestly there is nowhere to look and find reason to be optimistic. In Brazil, the economic crisis is getting worse because of the political crisis. In China, the Government is and will use everything on his power to prevent further deterioration. The problem is we don’t know how big the problem is due to the lack of transparency on the data. We now know that China won’t grow at 7%. The question is how much will it grow, at 6% or at 3%? There is a big difference between those numbers and its impact in both China and the world.