Confirmation, but not out of the woods yet.
August 28, 2015 13:15:41 | 0 comments

The release of several indicators about the American economy this week confirmed the economy is doing fine, thank you! The Q2 GDP was revised up to 3.7%, personal consumption expenditures were also revise upwards to 3.1% and residential investment increased to 7.8%.That was confirmation that we don’t have recession on site and we should continue focusing on the fundamentals. The same cannot be said about Brazil and China: in Brazil the data released showed a contraction of 1.9% and some analysts think that is happening with China too, although with China we never know. The US stock market had two great days but as of now, futures are pointing lower. As I said in my newsletter, the best option is to take some Dramamine to face the next month. Until more clarification from the FED, the stock market will continue its roller coaster trajectory, trading in a range: as for the S&P, we will  be locked between 1870 -1990 points.