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Waiting for the magic number
November 05, 2015 20:01:18 | 0 comments

Tomorrow the BLS releases the unemployment number and payroll number.Mr market believes that those numbers will determine what the FED will do next. Estimates are between 165 new additions and 170, below the 187 which would be below the average of the last 7 months. It is important to note that both numbers are below 200 a month which happens to be considered the number that shows the economy is still growing. If we continue with numbers below 200 I doubt the FED will raise rates.

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Republicans and the CNBC
November 02, 2015 14:41:16 | 0 comments

Last week the republican debate on CNBC has provoked a rebellion against the moderators. Although I agree that the format is not favorable for a more ample discussion, how one can fix that when you have 10 people trying to convey their messages and you have limited amount of time? It is inevitable that those who are bolder will go over their time, they will talk over the others; in certain moments there were so much talking that was impossible to know who was screaming more. The rebellion against the moderators is unjustified however. Republicans are customary liars and they distort the facts: they got very upset because they were being questioned about their lies or as Kasich pointed out, their fantasies.

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